TalkBank Advanced Getting Started

Advanced User Getting Started Guide

  1. Install either the Macintosh or Windows Unicode versions of CLAN.
  2. CLAN should automatically install the CAFont fixed-width Unicode font. If not, you can get it here. Having a fixed width font helps with the alignment of overlap marks in CA.
  3. Work through the tutorial screencasts with particular emphasis on those for CA transcription.
  4. Look at the summary of shortcuts for entering CA codes in CLAN.
  5. Review the mappings between CHAT-CA and traditional CA.
  6. Download the sample CA files for further practice using actual files.
  7. Here is an explanation of some editor functions to consider and test:
    • Each speaker name comes after the line number.
    • The bullets are hooks to the audio.
    • By typing escape-A, you will toggle the "hide bullets" mode. Try this.
    • Whether or not the bullet fields are hidden, you can play the audio by placing your cursor just before the first bullet and pressing the apple or control key while clicking the mouse.
    • Under the Mode menu you can find keys for automatic entry of headers for each speaker in the file.
    • The keys you need for entering special CA codes are summarized in the codes list.
    • To learn how to link the transcript to audio, consult the audio guide.
    • To learn how to link the transcript to video, consult the video guide.
    • Learn to use the CHECK function by typing escape-L in the editor window.