CABank English Jefferson Watergate Corpus

Gail Jefferson
School of Social Sciences
University of California, Irvine


Johannes Wagner
Department of Design and Communication
University of Southern Denmark


Participants: Nixon Whitehouse
Type of Study: phone calls
Location: USA
Media type: audio
DOI: doi:10.21415/T5830K

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Citation information

Jefferson, G. (2015). Talking about troubles in conversation. Oxford University Press.

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Project Description

This segment of the Conversation Database is dedicated to the memory of Gail Jefferson.

NOTE: Currently, the original Watergate transcripts from Jefferson are available here. Those originals can be downloaded and then played and studied through CLAN, and the media can be downloaded from here .

The versions available through the TalkBank browser for NB and Watergate are just transcripts created through automatic speech recognition. Producing a version that would be available through the TalkBank browser will require additional reformatting work.

WaterGate is a collection of 22 transcripts of telephone conversations between President Richard Nixon and members of his top staff and their lawyers during April 1973, as the prosecution of the Watergate breakup and its subsequent cover-up were being conducted. All of the conversations are telephone calls with the exception of 3-21ndh.cha, which is a conversation recorded in the Oval Office. The National Archives provided the audiotapes; Gail Jefferson produced the transcripts in MS-Word format. These originals are available in PDF format in the media folder, which has MP3, WAV, and the original WAV from the National Archives. Johannes Wagner, Lone Laursen, and Brian MacWhinney then reformatted the transcripts to CHAT heritage format and linked the files to the audio. In addition, Gail Jefferson had created four transcripts (3-21ndh, 4-19ekalm, 4-25nh, and 72-colhunt) using the typewriter. Johannes Wagner and Lone Laursen computerized these directly into CHAT heritage format, so no PDF files are available for these four.

Before April 13:
72-colhunt.cha-Colson HuntNov 13, 1972
3-21ndh.cha-Oval Office: Nixon, Dean, Haldeman March 21, 10-11 am
4-12nc.cha-Nixon ColsonApril 12, 7-8 pm
April 13-15, 1973:(253)
4-13nehig.cha(1) 38-1 Nix Ehrl HigbyApril 13, 9-10 am
4-13nh.cha(2) 38-9 Nix HaldApril 13, 5pm
4-13ne1.cha(3) 38-12 Nix EhrlApril 13, 6pm
4-13neh.cha(4) 38-14 Nix Hald Ehrl April 13, 6pm
4-13ne2.cha(5) 38-15Nix Ehrl Apr 13, 7 p.m.
4-14eklein.cha(6) 38-31 Ehrlichman Kleindienst April 14, 5pm
4-15nz.cha(7) 38-39 Nix Ziegler April 15, 1 a.m.
April l5-16:(254)
4-15psilb.cha(1) 38-48 Petersen and Silbert April 15, 4pm (a).
4-15np1.cha(2) 38-52 Nixon PetersenApril 15, 8 pm (a)
4-15hhig.cha(3) 38-53Haldeman Higby April 15, 8pm
4-15np2.cha(4) 38-55Nixon PetersenApril 15, 8 pm (b)
4-15np3.cha(5) 38-58Nixon PetersenApril 15, 9pm
4-15egray1.cha(6) 38-60Ehrlichman GrayApril 15, 10 pm (a)
4-15egray2.cha(7) 38-62Ehrlichman GrayApril 15 10 pm (b)
4-15np4.cha(8) 38-63,64 Nixon PetersenApril 15, 11pm
4-16np.cha(9) 38-82Nixon Petersen April 16, 8 pm
April 17-18:(255)
4-17nd.cha(1) 38-84Nixon DeanApril 17, 9 am
4-17ne.cha(2) 38-86Nixon EhrlichmanApril 17, 2 pm
4-17etim.cha(3) 38-88 Ehrlichman TimmonsApril 17, 3-4 pm
4-17nz.cha(4) 38-90Nixon ZieglerApril 17, 6 pm
4-17nkiss.cha(5) 38-92Nixon KissingerApril 17, 11pm-12
4-18nh.cha(6) 38-95Nixon Haldeman April 18, 12 am
After April 18
4-19ekalm.cha-Ehrlichman KalmbachApril 19
4-25nh.cha-Nixon HaldemanApril 25